8 exciting features to be aware of in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a set of tools from Microsoft that let you work more efficiently, interact with diverse people in real time, connect from anywhere, and plan your day. You can accomplish all of this and more with confidence, knowing that your personal information, apps, data, and devices are safe thanks to Microsoft’s enterprise-grade built-in security protections.

Microsoft 365 offers multiple plans for home and personal use, business – small, medium, and large businesses, and schools and non-profits. You can choose the appropriate plan for your needs based on your line of business. In this article, we’ll go through some of Microsoft 365’s lesser-known or less-used capabilities.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for business


Backup and access your files and data across all of your devices with 1 TB of OneDrive online storage. Get an extra layer of security for your most important data with Personal Vault.


Create, store, and share files with the team from any time and place with a single Office mobile app for iOS and Android that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


When you sign up for Microsoft 365, you’ll gain access to a variety of premium templates for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, as well as support for on-screen inking and pictures and 3D models. This allows you to save time while also allowing you to be more creative.


Manage your everyday activities with Outlook, a secure tool that gives you access to your email, calendar, and files.The smart design helps you sort your emails quickly on the go.

8 surprising features of Microsoft 365

There are numerous advantages to Microsoft 365, as described in the preceding sections. You’ve certainly heard about these perks elsewhere, but there are some new features in Microsoft 365 that you may not be aware of. So, in this section, we’ll go over 8 facts you didn’t know about Microsoft 365.

1 Schedule your recurring meetings dynamically in Microsoft 365

The average number of meetings and conversations has steadily increased in recent years as the hybrid method of working has become the new normal. Between February 2020 and February 2021, according to the 2021 Work Trend Index research of 30,000 workers in 31 countries:

Time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings has more than doubled (2.5X) internationally and continues to rise, with the exception of a seasonal fall in December.
The average meeting length has increased by ten minutes, from 35 to 45 minutes.
After hours, the average Teams user sends 45 percent more talks per week and 42 percent more chats per person, with weekly chats continuing to climb.

With Scheduler and Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft 365 makes managing the volume of meetings a breeze. When scheduling meetings, you can cut down on the amount of time spent in back-and-forth conversations. Users can set up dynamic recurring meetings with the help of a virtual assistant. R

Scheduler-managed recurring meetings have a different behavior than traditional Outlook recurring meetings. The dynamic recurring meetings in Scheduler are scheduled around the user’s busy schedule, and it plans one event at a time of the recurrent meeting to keep your calendar open and reduce conflicts.

How to use Dynamic Recurring Meetings in Scheduler in Microsoft 365?

Simply copy Cortana when sending an email to the meeting attendee. Simply ask Cortana to set up a reoccurring meeting, and you’re done! The request will be processed by Cortana.

2 Bookings Conversion Tracking in Microsoft 365

You use bookings to schedule appointments with employees, partners, and customers in order to avoid the headaches of scheduling and maintaining appointments. You can send a Bookings calendar to someone else, and they can choose any available slot. It also helps track digital campaign conversions when you share it with your customers as part of a marketing effort.

How to track conversions using Bookings in Microsoft 365?

You can give the Bookings calendar link an ID. When a user or client clicks on the link to schedule a meeting, that ID is provided along and included in the export data.

3 Accessibility Reminder app for Microsoft 365

It’s a brand-new function that was only recently made accessible to Microsoft 365 subscribers in 2022. This feature allows everyone, including persons with disabilities, to collaborate equally. For the web and desktop, the Accessibility Reminder app is accessible in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can notify your fellow collaborators that you or someone in the group requires access to the document with a simple comment.

How do I enable and use the Accessibility Reminder app?

Click the Insert menu and then Get Add-ins from within your Microsoft 365 application – Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. In the search field, type “Reminder” and select the “Accessibility Reminder, a Microsoft Garage project” option. When you agree the privacy policy and license conditions and click Continue, the Accessibility Reminder tab appears, with options as seen in the screenshot below.

Microsoft is the source of this image.
– You can use it to generate custom comments to notify document writers, such as messages, training links, and more.
– Learn more about how you and others may fix accessibility issues by viewing training content.
– A screenshot of the Accessibility Reminder comment added to a document is shown below.

The following video demonstrates the features and functionality of the Accessibility Reminder app.

4 Show appreciation to employees or students with Praise app

With practically every organization and institution allowing employees to work from home, incentive and gratitude are more crucial than ever! Microsoft Teams makes this feasible. You can choose from a variety of premade praise badges to reward the efforts of your employees, students, and frontline workers. It’s never been easier to express gratitude to your staff!

How do I use the Praise badges in Microsoft Teams?

Admins have complete control over which badges you have access to. To share a praise badge, follow the instructions below. Select Praise or Messaging extensions in the place where you compose a new message.

After you’ve chosen a badge, write the name of the person you’d want to commend, followed by a description (optional).
Check out the sneak peek.
Select Send if everything seems good.
Note: Custom badges are no longer accessible as of February 2022, and the options have been removed from the Teams admin portal. There are now only default badges available.

5 Never miss an important message with the new Desktop Message Alert

Don’t worry if you’re waiting for a legal document from your employer or an important order from a customer, but you have work to complete that prevents you from staying in your Outlook message list.

When an incoming message satisfies your selected criteria, Outlook’s new item alerts will notify you. It will display the message above any other application you are using, ensuring that you do not miss any crucial messages.

Microsoft is the source of this image.
Depending on the item you receive in your mailbox, the information presented will change.

Note: If you want to read the message on Desktop Alert, keep it visible by resting your pointer on it before it fades away.

6 “Proof-listen” to your writing with Read Aloud in Word for tablets

This is a useful feature that was previously only available in Word for mobile and desktop platforms, but is now available in Word for iPad and Android tablets as well. The ‘Read Aloud’ tool uses advanced text-to-speech technology to transform text to sound, allowing you to see mistakes in your writing. This function also allows you to take a break from looking at documents by listening to documents created by others.

It provides a natural listening experience and was created with the help of Azure Cognitive Services.

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