The daily 30-Minute Social Media Exercise for you

A man who works consistently and methodically never feels overworked or exhausted. He is aware of his limitations and is capable of completing all tasks in a reasonable amount of time. It is irregularity or a lack of method that kills a man, not hard work. MK Gandhi, an Indian legend

The following remark implies that performing something on a regular basis, even if for a shorter amount of time, has a greater influence than doing it all at once. For social media management, the same rule applies. Spending only 30 minutes each day on social media will be more successful than spending 3 to 4 hours all at once.

I’m going to share the daily half-hour social media exercise that I do to become an influencer in my area. If you implement this approach with sincerity, it might be a game changer in terms of engaging your audience.

This practice can help social media managers, marketing managers, and business owners become influencers in their fields.

Warming Up:

Any athlete will tell you that warming up is an essential aspect of any exercise plan. You must determine the ideal social media sites and the right target demographic for this.

Social Media Platform:

It’s critical to select the best social media platform for your company. We all know that the top five social media channels for business promotion are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It’s now up to you whether you want to focus on all five or pick and choose according to your niche. Rather than trying everything, it’s always a good idea to pick the ideal platform for the job.

If you’re still undecided, utilize Buzzsumo to determine which platform is ideal for your sector. To find out which social media platform has the most shares, go to and type in the best keyword.

Target Audience:

Make sure you’re reaching the correct people with your brand. If you ignore this stage, you may incur significant losses since if you are not targeting the right audience, all of your marketing efforts will be in vain and no conversions will occur.

Now that you’ve completed the warm-up activity, let’s go on to the 30-minute social media exercise.


To make it easier for you to understand, I have divided the exercise plan to 3 X 10 minutes each:

1. Researching for 10 minutes

Because social media is one of the most dynamic sectors, you must stay current to keep up with your rivals. Start your workout by looking at what others in your field, particularly competitors, are posting.

Next, look into what others are saying about you. This can be accomplished by using the Mention tool to track your brand mentions. This can be used to view posts on Facebook and Twitter that mention your brand. This will allow you to learn what the general public thinks about your brand and assist you in moving the brand conversation forward.

2. Sharing for 10 minutes

It’s time to publish the content across various social media channels now that you’ve done enough research for the day.

You’re probably wondering how you may share on all of my social media platforms in just 10 minutes for the entire day. Well! Here’s a lifesaver tool for you: BufferApp, which allows you to schedule posts for all of your social media profiles at once.

Simply publishing to social media will not achieve your goal; you must improve the quality of the content you provide. So come up with some attractive headlines and include some eye-catching visuals to draw in the readers. If you’re sharing someone else’s content, make sure to include a @author or @brand tag.

3. Engagement for 10 minutes

If you are not engaging your audience, it is pointless to conduct research and provide content on social media. Make sure at least 10 individuals in your town visit you or your brand’s social media profile to help you grow your business, primarily through Facebook.

If you can discover influential people in your niche, strive to engage with them so that their audience can be included in your network.

Don’t regard social media platforms like television stations where you merely transmit; nowadays, even television stations communicate with their viewers in some way. So, set aside some time in your schedule to engage in some interaction with your followers.

Bonus: for dedicated social media managers

If you work in an agency as a dedicated social media manager, you should read this article: A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager, which will show you how to spend time on social media.

The infographic below by Mark Smiciklas on Social Media Flow can help you understand every aspect of a social media manager’s daily routine.
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