How to Install WordPress with Plesk?

Plesk is more than a control panel for its users. It is a web hosting and WebOps platform. With its ready-to-code environment, multi-server management, and easy-to-access dashboard, it enables for the seamless handling of a variety of complex jobs once deployed.

Plesk Onyx, the most recent version, provides excellent management and functionality to simplify the lives of web developers and infrastructure providers all over the world.

With support for GitHub and Docker, they can quickly construct safe and fail-proof web applications.

By providing WordPress Toolkit (Install, configure, and manage WordPress with one single management interface) and a simple control panel for centralized management, it allows users to focus on more productive work while spending less time on server and site maintenance.

Provides a framework-ready environment for NGINX, Apache, PHP, Python, and Ruby, as well as support for CDN, Let’s Encrypt, SSL, and FreeSSL, among other things.

Multiple server management features are available, as well as intelligent server maintenance.

Plesk also enables one-click installation of a number of content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

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