A monkey adopts a stray puppy, feeds him, treats him, and protects him.

Their relationship is one of the most caring on the planet? A female macaque monkey came to be popular in her home town of Erode, India.

After watching the monkey protecting the little puppy from other stray dogs, the residents were so surprised that they set out food for the two unusual buddies. To everybody’s surprise, the guard monkey was so gentle that it even allow the adorable puppy eat first!

Individuals who have seen the two cute animals mentioned their strong mutual affection and described this animal friendship as one of the most gorgeous thing in the world– to take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a moms and dad,” reports Zee News. “The undying love of these two animal friends provides us a important lesson about relationships.

The mother monkey cares for the little helpless puppy as if he was her own

She checks him for lice

It defended it from stray puppies

And takes him with her anywhere she goes

She lets him eat first

The residents were so amazed, that they started leaving food out for them

Their undying love provides us a valuable lesson about relationships

This tale goes to show that no matter the ethnicity, shade, gender, or perhaps species, a strong relationship can be formed with anyone.

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