Baby: Just eating a little bit differently from usual

When it comes to learning to eat, some children exhibit a lack of coordination, often engaging in playful behavior with their food.They might spread it across their face, hands, or even venture as far as their feet. While it can be a messy affair, many parents find this adorable expression endearing and filled with charm.

For children, mealtime is more than just nourishment; it’s a multisensory experience. Playing with food is a natural part of their exploration and development.

Through tactile sensations, they learn about different textures, temperatures, and shapes. By squishing, smearing, or even finger-painting with their food, children actively engage their senses, fostering a deeper connection with what they eat.

This messy eating behavior is a reflection of a child’s curiosity and innate desire to learn. It is an opportunity for them to experiment, exercise their autonomy, and develop their fine motor skills.

By manipulating food, they gain a better understanding of its properties, honing their ability to grasp, pinch, and self-feed. This playful approach to eating encourages independence and self-confidence in their early stages of development.

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