Beyond the Supermarket Aisle: A Guide to Experiencing the Bliss of Orchard Fruits

The orchards that yield bountiful fruit are incredibly abundant, causing people to be in constant motion, and they won’t feel bored even when standing still.

Fruits and vegetables are common foods and can’t seem to be “absence” in each person’s daily diet. If there is a “farmer practice”, owning a small corner of the garden with a few vegetables to serve the needs of the family, many people have felt extremely excited and excited. So owning a large garden with these “super lucky” trees is a big dream.

Depending on weather conditions, climate, how to fertilize, and many other factors, people can grow fruit trees that produce lots of fruit. Thanks to the application of scientific and technical progress and the application of high technology, farmers in some parts of the world have grown luxuriant fruit orchards that look and feel enchanting.

Some pictures of dreamy gardens make you look forever and never get bored and just want to “be a farmer”.

This is exactly the “dream road” everyone wants to go through. There’s nothing better than walking around the city while picking grapes to eat.

It’s not rare to have wrong-fruited chili trees, but chili peppers with so many fruits that they are crowded together like this are truly “strange possessions”.

Just having a tree like this is enough to eat an apple.

The rigs of gourds are too many to count, each fruit is green, the same size, it’s hungry to see.

Tomato trees bear heavy, red fruit from root to tip.

Don’t think you’re dizzy, even if you rub your eyes a few times, it’s still true, they’re all cucumbers.

Like cherry tomatoes that produce abundant fruit, an orchard like this yields thousands of tomatoes each season.

People have to “climb high to pick coconuts”, here I am bending down to pick coconuts, but I still can’t pick them all…

Don’t waste your time counting, you won’t be able to count the number of fruits in this eggplant garden.

Have you ever seen a raspberry tree with this many fruits?

If you have a pumpkin garden like this, you won’t be able to eat it all year round.

If you can grow trees like this, you are a real farmer.

Have any sisters “drooled” because of this strawberry garden yet?

Why would you go and count all the fruits on this tree, you won’t be able to finish the day.

The leaves are bare, not a single one, yet the fruit is still lame and ripe.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

The farmers who grow this lettuce field are really “cool” to take care of.

Although not a “superstar”, this hundred bunches of bananas make everyone look up.

Only a stretch of road, but dozens of things are floating around.

Bitter melon is wrong but even, each fruit is the same, green, and the size is the same.

Surely some people will wonder how people grow to get an apple tree full of fruit like this.

Did you know that this is the octopus tomato that produces tens of thousands of fruits per tree?

The vines are all neat, but each tree bears fruit.

The dream jackfruit tree is here.

Hundred papaya like one, look is hungry.

This is literally “wrong from root to tip”.

If you cut down a branch and get a bunch of mangoes like this, then continue to promote next time.

One had to use a walking stick so that the tree wouldn’t fall because of too much fruit.

Another tree that bears fruit from root to tip.

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