How a Trainer’s Compassion Rescued a Puppy From Euthanasia and the Same Dog Later Rescued Her Son After 7 Years

Ruby, a puppy deemed “unadoptable,” was originally scheduled for euthanasia. However, fate intervened and she ended up helping a woman who worked as a K9 cop and struggled to keep Ruby alive. This unlikely duo worked together for seven years.

When they’re still puppies, smart dogs can sometimes act up and be a handful. This was the case with Ruby, a young Australian Shepherd who found herself in a tough spot. The shelter deemed her unadoptable and she was scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully, just two hours before that was set to happen, Patricia Inman, a dog trainer, came to the rescue and fought for Ruby’s life.

According to Patricia, the K9 squad would greatly benefit from having a skilled dog like Ruby. Thanks to her persistence, Ruby was accepted into a K9 training program where her handler, Daniel O’Neil, faced many challenges. However, thanks to her stable upbringing, Ruby flourished and became a formidable asset to the team.

Over seven years, Ruby and Daniel were instrumental in rescuing numerous missing individuals. One particular case involved a child who had been missing for 24 hours, causing great turmoil for their family. Fortunately, Ruby was able to locate the child, who was found unconscious in the bushes. Thanks to quick action, the child received medical attention and made a full recovery from concussion symptoms.

Daniel was surprised when the boy’s mother approached him to express her gratitude. He was shocked to discover that Patricia, the woman who had rescued Ruby when she was a puppy, was the boy’s mother. According to Daniel, it was Ruby, Patricia’s K9, who had saved the boy’s life. This fortunate coincidence left Patricia in tears as she tried to comprehend the incredible connection between her son’s rescue and her past kindness towards Ruby. It was a remarkable achievement that had occurred seven years earlier!

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