Inseparable Pit Bull and her best friend find a loving home where they thrive together, refusing to be separated.

When it comes to dog breeds, a pit bull and a Chihuahua are on opposing ends of the spectrum. One is little, noisy, and struts around everywhere. The other is energetic and large. It’s simple to believe that huge dogs and small dogs don’t get along. But not for a pit bull and a chihuahua who landed at a shelter and refused to leave each other’s side.

Initially, the shelter assumed that these two dogs, Taco and Merrill, had been surrendered from the same family.

They immediately understood, however, that these two were more than just housemates. Without each other, the pit bull and Chihuahua didn’t accomplish anything or go anywhere.

Volunteers were able to spot the signals that they were a bonded pair. Bonded animals normally grow up together and are from the same litter. However, animals can bond on a deeper level and will do everything for their best buddy.

This is what happened in the case of Merrill and Taco.

Inseparable Pit Bull And Chihuahua
The best friends would not do anything without one another. Volunteers were able to notice Taco and Merrill’s discomfort and worry whenever they were separated until they were reunited. The shelter was well aware that they needed to find a family willing to adopt both of them.

“These two love each other more than any bonded pair the shelter has ever seen,” volunteers said in a Facebook post. When they leave one other’s side, they cry. We can’t allow this dynamic team lose their family, their home, and now each other!”

This, of course, made finding a forever home for the pit bull and Chihuahua difficult. Who would want to deal with two dogs? Volunteers at the shelter thought that sharing Taco and Merrill’s tale online would give them the best chance of finding a home. They photographed these best friends and posted it online. What they didn’t anticipate was for the photo to become viral immediately quickly, with 14,000 likes.

But it’s because when a candid image was taken, the weird pair were just being themselves.

Merrill And Taco Go Viral
Taco stuck her head through Merrill’s legs as she sat in the backseat of her foster mother’s automobile. The photo of the pit bull and Chihuahua was adorable and amusing. Their story was soon shared over 26,000 times, bringing them one step closer to finding their new family.

It didn’t take long for the pair to find their forever home in San Diego; less than a month later. Their new family preferred anonymity, but they also wanted everyone to know how they were doing.

So they shared images of Merrill and Taco lounging on a huge luxurious dog bed near the fireplace. Another candid photo showed Taco towering on top of Merrill, demonstrating that Taco just so happened to be the master of the pit despite his little stature. What a joyful conclusion for the two best friends, the pit bull and the Chihuahua.

“If either of them falls, the other can help them up.” But pity the person who falls and has no one to lift them back up.”

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