One-of-One Custom 1948 Chevy Super Truck Built by Ringbrothers

The 1948 Chevy Loadmaster truck, known as “ENYO,” stands as a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation of Ringbrothers. This extraordinary vehicle defies conventions, featuring one-off parts, a high-tech design, and exposed suspension that sets it apart from any other custom truck.

Ringbrothers, renowned for their wild and unique creations, embarked on the challenge of building a customer’s “anti-street rod” with the 1948 Chevy Loadmaster. With over 10,000 hours of meticulous work, they pushed the boundaries to create their “most outrageous build yet.” Throughout the process, doubts may have arisen, questioning whether their ambitious plan was too extreme or even bordering on insanity. However, Ringbrothers proved their expertise and determination by successfully bringing “ENYO,” the high-performance race machine, to life.

The concept behind this pickup had been brewing in the minds of Ringbrothers for years. Jim Ring, co-owner of the company, stated, “We have been quietly planning this build for years, imagining and reimagining how it would ultimately take shape.” Mike Ring, the other half of the enterprise, emphasized that ENYO represented a new realm of challenges and production, involving groundbreaking design, engineering, and performance. The use of CAD-designed trim and parts, cut at Ringbrothers’ own machining facility, added to the innovative approach. The ultimate goal was to merge two unlikely vehicles and deliver a remarkable fusion of character and power, typically reserved for the most advanced race cars of today. Collaborating with Gary Ragle Designs, they transformed the truck into a low-slung, open-wheel design integrated with a sports car-style chassis and a truck cab, showcasing exceptional engineering and creativity from front to back.

The construction process of ENYO went far beyond surface modifications. The ½-ton “super truck” underwent extensive modifications such as chopping, channeling, and sectioning. The steel cab was narrowed by 4 inches and lengthened by 2 inches. Carbon fiber played a significant role, appearing in various components including the belly pan, grille, hood, bedsides, spoiler, dashboard, door panels, and seats. This lightweight material contributed to both performance and aesthetics.

Under the hood, ENYO boasts a Goodwin Competition Racing Engines 510ci tall-deck LS engine. This powerhouse features carbon fiber components, Kinsler LS-Spring eight-stack fuel injection, and a Holley fuel-management system. Running on 110 race fuel, it generates an impressive 1,000 horsepower. The engine is paired with a Bowler Performance 4L80 automatic transaxle with a torque tube. Notably, the custom-fabricated stainless headers sport titanium side-pipes adorned with 58 feet of titanium pie-cut welds. To optimize cooling, the radiator is mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

When it comes to suspension, tires, and wheels, ENYO showcases the expertise of Roadster Shop and Ahlman Engineering. The cantilever independent suspension system is complemented by custom Öhlins TTX coilovers and Swift Springs components. The Brembo GTS M6 brakes, equipped with six-piston calipers, provide exceptional stopping power. The street tires consist of Michelin Pilot Sports at the front and Bridgestone Potenza at the rear, while the race rubber is Goodyear Racing Eagle G-19. Rolling within are custom Porsche 911 pin-drive wheels designed by HRE Wheels, adding a touch of exclusivity to the overall aesthetic.

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