The adorable angry expression of a baby will brighten your whole day.

Ever since they found out they were going to be parents, everyone has been looking forward to the arrival of their happy and intelligent baby. They expect a white, tender and chubby baby. However, things could get funny if the baby’s face is even cuter than the parents imagine. His wrinkled face looks older than the parents themselves when they were babies.

This photo was captured with an 18-megapixel Canon 600D, using an 85mm prime lens. However, it is common for babies to appear older and wrinkled during infancy. As people age, their appearance becomes closer to their actual age. Parents went to great lengths to document their adorable children in interesting and unexpected photographs, with the goal of preserving beautiful memories with them. Perhaps they dreamed of seeing their children with the features of old men, as if they had experienced all the stages of human life.


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Each newborn has its own unique beauty and sweetness. They are more valuable than adults can imagine. However, sometimes it only takes a moment for parents to start laughing when the baby is upset, crying or scared.

“Seeing the baby’s angry expression can be really fun.”


Daiane de Jesus Barbosa, the mother, reportedly invited professional photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann to document the event of the baby’s birth. Plus, the baby itself features an adorable expression. Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born on February 13 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. To check if the baby’s lungs were working properly at the time, the doctors tried to make her cry.


The obstetricians tried to pull it off, but what they got in return was a genuine expression on the baby’s face. The doctors at the clinic couldn’t contain their laughter. At that moment, Isabela showed a serious expression with a slight frown. It was only after she had her belly button lifted that she began to cry. When Isabela was born, Kunstmann posted several images on her Facebook page. The photographer stated: “The moment a baby is born is very special and deserves to be captured in photographs.”


Babies are always angels, the most precious gift parents can receive from the gods. Every day, her growth, maturity, and adorable features, which mirror her mother, make the mother’s heart melt with joy and sometimes worry. Without a doubt, one hopes that this beautiful child will accompany you in the future, overcoming the challenges and colors of life, as these little angels do.

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