The Cuban Trogon’s Dazzling Display of Colorful Feathers: Exploring its Kaleidoscopic Plumage from Emerald to Crimson

The Cuban trogon is an exceptional tropical bird that stands out with its stunning appearance. It is predominantly found on the picturesque island of Cuba in the Caribbean. What makes this bird truly mesmerizing is its iridescent plumage, unique tail, impressive acrobatic abilities, and enchanting melodies.

The Cuban trogon, also known as Priotelus temnurus, is a charming bird that catches the eye with its vibrant appearance. The male of the species boasts a rich crimson hue on its head, neck and upper breast, transitioning into a dazzling emerald green shade on its back, wings and tail. The female, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same red head as the male, but still has the stunning emerald green feathers and a long, multi-colored tail.

The Cuban trogon is an extraordinary bird, distinguished by its remarkable tail that can reach a length of 16 inches. Unlike any other bird in the Caribbean, its outer feathers are spread out from the base to form a uniquely shaped fantail. The stunning elongated feathers are striped with eye-catching colors of black, turquoise, and scarlet, which make for a splendid display when the bird opens up its tail with a sudden flash of color.

In the process of courting, the male Cuban trogon employs a stunning tactic by utilizing its long and vibrant tail. This bird, situated atop the forest canopy, spreads its emerald wings in a sudden motion and extends its extravagant tail to reveal the concealed hues of scarlet and turquoise, leaving onlookers in awe.

As he perches on a tree branch, the male bird starts to produce his sweet-sounding and flute-like melody. The beautiful tune travels across the forest in a sequence of descending notes. If he is fortunate enough, a female bird nearby will answer back, leading to a romantic encounter.

After forming a pair, the male and female put in a lot of effort to construct their nest and nourish their offspring. They construct deep nest cups using tree bark and grasses, and position them in the safety of high tree forks.

The mother bird lays a pair of tiny blue-green eggs, and both the parents share the responsibility of keeping them warm by taking turns to incubate. After hatching, the baby birds remain in the nest for a few weeks, and their protective parents tirelessly guard them from any potential threats. The parents provide nourishment to the hatchlings by hunting insects and feeding them up to 50 times every day through regurgitation.

On occasions when they feel threatened, these creatures exhibit a behavior known as “sky dancing”. This entails soaring up into the sky and performing acrobatic tumbles before abruptly plunging back down into the tree canopy.

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