Unveiling the Future: Introducing the World’s First Transparent Car

German Car Manufacturer Unveils Transparent Car Equipped with Advanced Security Systems

Revolutionary Breakthrough: ZF Company Presents World’s First Transparent Car at Frankfurt Auto Show

Peering into the Future: Transparent Car Showcases Cutting-Edge Safety Technology at Frankfurt Motor Show

Inside Out: TRW Showcases Intelligent Safety Systems in Transparent Car at Frankfurt Auto Show

Driving Towards a Safer Future: Transparent Car Reveals Next-Generation Safety Features at Frankfurt Motor Show

Transparent Innovation: German Car Company Unveils Futuristic Transparent Car with Advanced Safety Systems


The World First Transparent Car Launched


The World First Transparent Car Launched

The car was ‘driven’ around during the demonstration by a number of models.

Amongst the kit being displayed was a range of airbags and active braking and steering systems designed to negotiate an unnoticed obstacle automatically.

Sensors around the vehicle can process information in a full 360-degree field and a radar system scans the road ahead for pedestrians and stationary cars.

The World First Transparent Car Launched


The World First Transparent Car Launched

New active seat belts are also fitted, which can tighten and reduce slack on-demand – better managing the force of a passenger flung forward in a collision and minimising injuries.

Further kit fitted to the see-through car included electric power steering – a common sight on many new vehicles thanks to its lower power consumption. TRW’s latest system can also compensate if it detects a crosswind.

The World First Transparent Car Launched

TRW is currently a leading automotive safety supplier, with clients including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Ford and Toyota.

John Plant, the company’s chairman and CEO, said: “Over the next decade, active safety systems will become increasingly intelligent as greater efforts are made to reduce the number of road fatalities worldwide

“More automated functions will be introduced that will operate continuously in certain situations in addition to providing emergency support when needed.”

The World First Transparent Car Launched

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